Affordable Scrubs and Lab Coats in All Sizes

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Medical work wear is most often scrubs. They are comfortable, flexible, and have large pockets. Doctors, nurses, technicians, and direct care staff wear them in most every setting. Hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even home health care providers require scrubs as the uniform. Luckily they come in several styles and multiple prints.


Those of average size rarely have a problem finding many colors, prints, and styles that fit well. Pricing is typically affordable so people can mix and match pants and tops for many looks. The issue is that average is not actually average anymore. Medical personnel are not immune to the obesity epidemic that is plaguing the country.

More and more plus sizes are in demand to meet the needs. Most manufacturers charge much higher prices for bigger sizes. They also tend to keep styles and color selections to a minimum. There are few brands that offer affordable scrubs with fun and creative prints for plus sized men or women.

Catering to Emerging Trends

Manufacturers, such as wink, that are sensitive to the growing needs of plus sizes combine fabrics to be flexible, cool, and designed to manage excess moisture. The four-stretch line, for example, is double stitched and is made of one-hundred percent polyester stretch material. Webbing in the design whisks moisture away from the body. That is an important feature when providing direct care to patients.

Other fabric combination choices include polyester, cotton, and spandex or polyester and cotton. Other options include one-hundred brushed cotton, and ninety-seven percent cotton with three percent spandex for a comfortable fit. Workers can get details of fabric features online to determine which will work best for them.


A little bit of extra fabric should not warrant an exorbitant price, especially since there are now far more plus sized people as there are small or average sized people. The company will still make plenty of profit if the difference in pricing is a few dollars, rather than ten to fifteen dollars per garment. Research scrub manufacturers to discover which ones supply excellent choices for plus sizes, maternity wear, and tall sizes.