FAQs About An Anti Piracy Service And The Owner’s Rights

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An anti piracy service helps owners of copywritten or trademarked products protect their property from unlawful use. Under anti-piracy laws, these owners have the right to take legal action if their property is used without their permission. The following are FAQs about these laws and actions that are allowed during these laws.

What is Copyright or Trademark Infringement?

Copyright or trademark infringement is the use of any materials or products that are protected by a copyright or trademark. The use of these materials is criminal and punishable through hefty penalties. Under these laws, the owner must provide explicit permission to another party to use these materials for financial gains. They must enter into a contract to define the exact ways in which the materials can be used and what provisions apply to using these materials.

What Damages Could Result from Infringement?

An owner of materials that are protected by a copyright or trademark could lose their credibility based on the way these materials are presented by the other party. These damages could result in the loss of clients or fans in some cases. The use of these materials could lead to harm to the owner’s reputation and cause financial losses that are irreparable.

How Can the Owner of the Materials or Trademark Take Action?

As soon as the owner becomes aware of the unlawful use of their property, they can take legal action. The first step is for the attorney to contact the individual directly and issue a cease and desist order. If the individual doesn’t stop using the materials or trademark, the owner has the right to file a lawsuit against the other party. Additionally, the state can file criminal charges against the unlawful user.

What Type of Award Does the Owner Receive?

The owner will receive a monetary award based on any proceeds generated by the use of their materials. Additionally, they could acquire punitive damages based on any additional losses the owner suffered.

Anti-piracy laws exist to protect individuals who have materials that are protected by a copyright or trademark. They prohibit the use, sale, or distribution of the product for financial gains. Anyone who uses these materials without permission could face hefty fines and possible prison sentences. Copyright or trademark owners contact a service provider today for further legal assistance.