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Enjoying Ice Creams With Reduced Health Risks

One of the common snacks to find in every corner or house is an ice cream. History indicates that ice cream became known in the year 1660 when it was a specialty among the loyal tables. Owing to its popularity, the ice cream is made using different recipes featuring different tastes from the various communities in the globe. In modern times, the low carb ice cream is considered as the best and healthy product for any family.

The sugar free vanilla is one of the common recipes in low carb ice cream category. Ingredients required for this recipe include the heavy cream, kosher salt, vanilla extracts, splenda, and whole milk. Mixing the ingredients is the process required in preparation and this must be done extensively to ensure all the ingredients are completely dissolved. The mixture should then be stored in the fridge through the night or at lest for an hour and then the ice cream maker needs to be used for the final steps.

Ice cream lovers also have the option to use the dairy free chocolate mint as a recipe for low carb ice cream. Ingredients required for this purpose include unsweetened chocolate, full-fat coconut milk, fresh spinach, vanilla extract, non-dairy milk, honey and pepper-mint extract. To prepare the ice cream, the ingredients should be mixed together except for the chocolate chip until the mixture becomes smooth. The mixture is then churned for 15 minutes in the ice cream maker. The chocolate is then added and churned for another 5 minutes.

A great low carb ice cream recipe for chocolate lovers is also available. Ingredients required for this purpose are coconut milk, unsweetened chocolate, egg York, heavy cream, liquid stevia extract, cocoa powder, and sugar substitute. The procedure to prepare the ice cream entails making an ice bath for a start that should be allowed to sit as the cream is combined followed by the milk substitute. This requires medium heat to whisk. The egg york is then added followed by the chocolate while whisking is till in progress. The final step includes setting the mixture over the ice bath and refrigerated for not less that three hours.

Another way to enhance low carb ice cream is the use of coffee flavors. To prepare this ice cream, the following ingredients are required; vanilla extract, xanthan gum, instant coffee, unsweetened almond milk, powdered sugar, butter and liquid stevia extract. Preparation process starts with mixing the cream and almond milk over medium heat until it boils. Sweetener and butter are then added with the mixture off heat. Instant coffee, xanthan gum, vanilla extract and instant coffee are finally added and stirred to achieve a smooth mixture.

The quest for a healthy diet is live in modern times. This is in response to the health factors prevalent in modern times. It is for this reason that use of low carb ice cream becomes a basic necessity.