Legal Help for OUI Charges

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There is no question that operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a risky activity that could lead to a tragedy. It really is not a question of whether or not someone should attempt this behavior. However, they should also not automatically accept an OUI charge. The reason people must defend their rights is because of the damage it does to their reputation and how at-risk it can put their careers and their future. Not everyone stopped is guilty. OUI arrests are like every other charge. People are presumed innocent until their guilt is proven and all are given their time in court to prove their innocence.

It may seem as if an arrest, especially when a breathalyzer test is given, is impossible to fight. That is not true. There are many ways a lawyer can successfully argue the case for their client. The charges may be dropped or a verdict of innocent found for a variety of reasons. A lawyer will discuss the case in detail with their client and review any evidence provided by the police. During their investigation, it will often become clear when police errors are made.

  • The police officer did not inform the individual of their rights during the arrest.
  • The sobriety tests were given inaccurately or outdated equipment was used during the test.
  • The driver was on medication or had consumed food that is known for giving a false positive result.
  • The vehicle may have been on private property or the accused was not actually driving at the time the officer approached the vehicle.
  • The driver may have been coerced by the police officer with threatening language to undergo the sobriety testing.

There are many ways that lawyers can help their clients avoid penalties for an OUI charge or at least help them to reduce the penalties they will face. Their help is available at any time but it is the most helpful when people contact them immediately following a stop. Anyone pulled over for a suspected OUI should avoid arguing with the police officer or making any statements. Visit to learn how to handle this type of charge correctly from the beginning.