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A Guide to Laboratory Refrigerators Average citizens reckon that the variance between domestic refrigerators and laboratory refrigerators is just their size, nevertheless, there is more to laboratory refrigerators than its larger size. Laboratory refrigerators are specially designed to store delicate materials for a long period of time. Furthermore, laboratory refrigerators are able to accurately regulate their temperatures so that they can store materials that require specific storage temperatures. Laboratory refrigerators are sorted into two kinds, specifically the chest freezer and the upright freezer and the distinction between the two is the space that they take up. The upright laboratory refrigerator takes up a lot less space than the chest laboratory refrigerator, and its storage capability is not sacrificed. However, chest laboratory refrigerators are more effective in maintaining cool temperatures because they are designed in a way that they retain cool air more efficiently when compared with upright refrigerators. This also is true when the refrigerator doors are open, since chest laboratory refrigerators can easily sustain their temperature significantly better than upright refrigerators regardless if the freezer is open for a long period of time.
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To make laboratory refrigerators better and successful at regulating temperatures, the temperature of the room in which they are stashed must be controlled as well. High room temperatures can affect the efficiency of laboratory temperatures no matter what type it is, hence it is best to regulate room temperature below 45 degrees Celsius. Room pressure can also influence laboratory refrigerators since high room pressures can make laboratory refrigerators ineffectual, thus it is advisable to bring about good air circulation.
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It is also crucial that you keep in mind that laboratory refrigerators give off heat when it is being employed, the same as normal refrigerators , consequently it is best not to cram an area with way too many laboratory refrigerators to be able to prevent raising the temperature of the room. The design of laboratory refrigerators prevent it from being auto defrosted because auto defrosting can destroy biological samples. Laboratory refrigerators are also designed to efficiently store flammable and volatile materials without sacrificing safety. Furthermore, there are laboratory refrigerators that are designed to store volatile materials specifically and these refrigerators are CFC free and can seal and insulate its contents from the outside environment and these refrigerators can also withstand small explosions. Essentially the most vital capability of any laboratory refrigerator is the alarm system that the company that manufactured the refrigerator set up and programmed. These alarm systems are able to detect small changes in temperature and will warn the user accordingly. Some laboratory refrigerators also have locks that can be accessed by a password that the user can formulate, and this is added protection for dangerous or important samples that need special handling.