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How to Lower Your Car Insurance Cost

The Internet has raised the competition among insurance providers nowadays. Since you can now shop at home in your pyjamas, comparing rates and coverage , these firms are more inclined to offer attractive deals. Of course, besides buying a car insurance policy now and online, there are other things you can do to enjoy cheaper yet good quality car insurance.

Note that insurance prices are determined on the basis of statistics, and that is why prices can vary significantly. Your age and driving background, the make and model of your car, the safety features you’ve installed and even your neighborhood’s crime rate – all these influence the amount you’ll pay for the coverage you want.

So before getting too far into your car insurance shopping, review your driving record first. The way your credit rating influences your interest rate in your financing application, is the same way your insurance rate will be affected by your driving record. Examine your driving record, ensuring it is correct as well as current. You don’t want an error keeping you from getting the best rate.
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So really, lowering your car insurance premium can be a simple way to save money. Here are five useful tips:
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1. Install safety features in your car.

Driving a car with built-in safety features, like airbags and anti-lock brakes, as well as security features, such engine cut-off and anti-theft systems, can qualify you for discounts on your premiums. These types of equipment make your car statistically less likely to get in an accident or be stolen.

2. Get a higher deductible.

A higher deductible (how much you have to pay when making a claim) means a lower premium. Deductibles often range from nothing to $1,500.

3. Know defensive driving.

There are car insurance companies that offer discounts to drivers who complete a defensive driving course with an accredited provider. Usually, these courses are taken very young and very old drivers, but everyone can actually benefit from them.

4. Clean up your garage.

A lot of insurance companies give discounts to drivers who park their cars inside a garage, instead of leaving them in a driveway or out in the street. Obviously, this will make your vehicle less likely to get in an accident or be stolen.

5. Compare different quotes.

It’s always good to have a number of quotes in hand, comparing them side by side to see which among them is just perfect for your budget, as well as for your needs. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you review the policy thoroughly, making sure it includes all the coverage you want. Finally, note that your policy has to be in keeping with your state’s legal requirements, and also any additional requirements imposed by your auto loan financing company.