The Best Advice About Apps I’ve Ever Written

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Ways To Properly Use Google Docs If you are someone who is looking for some tips to use Google Docs, then you need to read this article. One of the reasons why you need to know the tips is for you to be able to use it properly. Because of this, there are millions of people around the world who are using it every single day. There are different users who can benefit to this. Aside from that, it has become very useful for companies and schools to use. You can rely on this every single day for different purposes. To be able to maximize its uses, it is best if you consider the tips and apply them when using. So if you always use the Google Docs every day, then it is best if you continue to read this article until the end. The Google Docs has so many features you can use including the Auto-Correct Typos. The good thing about this feature is that you can be sure that all spellings are correct when using it. If you can relate to this, then this is something that is very useful and beneficial for you. Because of this feature, you can now type fast without having to worry about the correct spelling of the word. The most common mistakes you make when you type is the person-specific mistake. The best thing you can do is for Google Docs to know about it. The other good thing with this is that it helps in making sure everything you type in is correct. It increases productivity as Google Docs will be the one to do it for you. Follow some steps and you can easily learn how to operate it. Once you see the “Tools” section, you have to click it. Once you are done, the next thing you need to click is the “Preferences” section. You can expect to find a dialog box that will appear suddenly after doing it. If you find a box that has “Automatic Substitution” next to it, then you should check that. There is a ‘Replace” section that you are going to find, and because of this you need to fill those boxes in which are placed under it. This is actually one of the ways for you to correct your mistakes and fill in or substitute it with the correct one.
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Aside from that, you can also find the Share Google Docs feature that is also commonly used these days. Because of this feature, people can view the documents they want to see even if they don’t use Google. With this, they get to view the documents for reading purposes. There are tips and steps that you also need to follow in order to do this.
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Aside from that, the other common feature that you can find in Google Docs is the Bookmark the Document feature. If you are a wide-reader and you want to revisit important sections of what you are reading, you just have to use this feature of Google Docs. The other good thing about this is that documents can also have this feature.