William Stanley Business Park in Pittsfield to begin redevelopment

(Photo Credit: City of Pittsfield)

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Pittsfield announced that they have been awarded an $880,000 MassDevelopment grant to begin the re-development of the William Stanley Business Park.

These kinds of site projects aim to provide vital resources to municipalities, private sector businesses, and nonprofit economic development entities.

City of Pittsfield will host virtual spring art contest

“The more opportunities we have to put existing properties back to work is less property
that we need to greenspace into something else. We certainly feel that this program can really
make a big difference helping communities build their future,” said Gov. Baker.

The Business Park located in Site 9 is the largest and most visible section of the park and it had been undeveloped and in a state of deterioration for over 20 years.

The designed plan includes roadways, utilities, stormwater quality, green space, and fees to

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Most Popular Stories Of All-Time At Poets&Quants

Writers love clicks. In a world driven by rankings and records, clicks supply immediate gratification. They reflect which stories broke out beyond core readers to resonate with a wider audience. In some cases, these stories hit the right topic at the right time. Other times, their popularity is a testament to a unique perspective or flawless execution.

Of course, clicks have their critics. The purists will claim they are ego boosters for writers and cover to appease advertisers. Pageviews are coveted by sellouts and shills they say, an excuse to chase low-hanging fruit at the expense of producing challenging and time-consuming content. That’s not how John Byrne views the situation. Before launching Poets&Quants in 2010, Byrne served as the Editor-In-Chief of Fast Company and Businessweek.com. Now in his 45th year as a journalist, Byrne believes audience metrics enhance the reader experience.

Poets&Quants’ Founder John A. Byrne

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Looking for the Next Big Thing? It May Be Catering to Our Rapidly Aging Population.

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COTTAGE INDUSTRY: Many homes with stairways to entry will need to be redesigned to accommodate seniors who want to age in place in coming years.


Those over 50 account for more than one-third of the U.S. population, half of all consumer spending, and 83% of household wealth. That should make catering to the aging population a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors—one that could be akin to investing in the software boom in the 1980s or internet in the 1990s.

That was the takeaway from aging experts and investors at a virtual panel discussion on Monday at the 2020 Century Summit held by the Longevity Project and the Stanford Center on Longevity.

The 50-plus set represents an $8.3 trillion market opportunity in the U.S. and $22 trillion globally, said Susan Golden, a former venture capitalist and public health expert who is now an adjunct professor at Stanford

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Cats: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Best Cat Foods. Cats are among the animals that eat meat referred to as carnivorous animals. Because most of their breeds are kept by man for various reasons, there is need to understand what they need in their diets. To ensure the health of the cat breeds, they should consume lots of meat products and fats. Choosing the cat meal with the best combination of nutrients is important. Healthy ingredients that are locally sourced and ethnically farmed are what cat foods are made of. A new set of quality products which are rich in nutrients have been introduced as cat foods. A cat food of high quality contains a source of animal protein as one of the contents. There should also be plenty of fats and small amount of carbohydrates. A cat diet has a variety of options to choose from. Before going to the shop to purchase the cat … Read More