Choosing the right postcard and its size is an essential step in the production process. The right postcard size will allow enough room for the essential elements, including your call-to-action, central image, and contact information. The size should also be appropriate for the target audience you are targeting. Finally, it’s important to consider how many postcards you need to order to ensure that your marketing campaign is effective. You should order enough postcards to match your budget and reach your goals.

Custom-printed Plastic Postcards Are Cheaper Than Paper Postcards

A plastic postcard is a cost-effective direct mail marketing solution because they are versatile and can be oversized, folded, or standard, making them ideal for many businesses. In addition, they make a strong impact and are more likely to be remembered than paper postcards. Our trade printing expertise and equipment allow us to handle virtually any size or shape of a postcard, making the process easy and seamless.

If you are worried about the cost of postal services, you can order postcards in bulk to save money on postage. Postage rates vary by product and can change without notice. Therefore, you should make sure to order postcards that are the right size and in a size that will be mailable. Generally, postcards should be four by six inches.

They Are Easier To Recycle

When choosing between plastic postcards and paper postcards, consider the environment. Plastic postcards can be recycled. They are also better for the environment. Plastic postcards are made with water-resistant materials and can withstand difficult sorting processes such as USPS. They will still look as good as they did when they were printed.

Plastic postcards are more sustainable and biodegradable than paper postcards. They are also more convenient to recycle. They contain less packaging and are easier to collect than paper postcards. If you have many plastic postcards, consider making them with recycled paper. This will make it easier to recycle them after you send them.

Most grocery stores send out weekly newspapers announcing sales and other specials. In addition, many businesses also send out newsletters. Newspapers are typically made of newsprint and use standard inks. Therefore, they are often recyclable but may contain glossy inserts and staples. Magazine subscribers will not need these, and removing them will help the environment. You can also recycle magazines and catalogs if they come in plastic envelopes.

They Are More Versatile

Plastic postcards are better than paper postcards in a variety of ways. For example, they can include a barcode or magnetic strip to track customer activity. This allows marketers to monitor which postcards are performing better and which aren’t. These details can be useful in improving marketing strategies, resulting in higher ROI and response rates.

Another benefit of plastic postcards is their durability. They are a lot thicker than paper postcards, adding an extra layer of protection for the postcard. This makes them more durable than paper postcards, and they have a higher degree of abrasion resistance than paper postcards. As a result, plastic postcards can last longer than paper postcards and still look great.

Direct mail remains one of the most effective forms of marketing, and plastic postcards are an excellent choice. Their tactile nature and visual impact make them more memorable than digital advertisements. Using plastic postcards is an excellent way to introduce your business to a new audience, and it can create a steady stream of new customers.

They Make Consumers Feel Like They Are Receiving Something Exclusive

Using plastic postcards in direct mail marketing is a great way to boost response rates. Plastic postcards make consumers feel like they are receiving something special and valuable. Plastic postcards’ tactile nature and visual impact make them more memorable than online ads. They are also an effective way to introduce your business and generate a steady flow of new customers.

Postcards can be personalized with a link to a landing page or a personalized offer. For example, some plastic postcards contain a redemption offer code that the consumer can enter at a website or app. Personalization makes the postcard more likely to be read and remembered, which improves response rates. Whether you are a small local business or a large corporation, using plastic postcards is an easy and effective way to increase traffic to your business and keep loyal customers.

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