Are There Investing Opportunities in the Auto Stocks?

  • (0:45) – The Perfect Storm Hits The Automotive Market

  • (3:45) – How Will This Impact The Automotive Rental Businesses?

  • (10:50) – Car Manufactures and Dealerships

  • (21:25) – Stocks To Watch In The Auto Sector

  • (30:00) – Will It Get Worse For The Automotive Sector?

  • (39:10) – Episode Roundup: HTZ, CAR, LAD, PAG, GM, F, CVNA, RACE, TSLA

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Welcome to Episode #225 of the Zacks Market Edge Podcast.

Every week, host and Zacks stock strategist, Tracey Ryniec, will be joined by guests to discuss the hottest investing topics in stocks, bonds and ETFs and how it impacts your life.

This week, Tracey is joined by Zacks Stock Strategist, David Bartosiak, who is also the editor of Zacks Blockchain Innovator and Surprise Trader newsletter portfolios, to discuss one of their favorite topics: the auto industry.

The coronavirus is impacting all aspects of the auto industry from manufacturing, to the auto dealerships,

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You Want to Sell Your Home? What Kind of Costs Can You Expect

Selling a home can be an expensive procedure. First-time merchants, in some cases, don’t understand a portion of the costs they could be confronted with and, above all, astonished with! Instructing yourself and doing the examination will substantially diminish the costs you will cause while selling your home. But all of these costs could be avoided if you are dealing with sell my house fast jacksonville.

Regardless of whether you are offering to migrate to another city or moving to another home in your general vicinity, the initial step is equivalent to the purchasing procedure: get an advance pre-endorsement from a home loan bank. Not doing this progression could bring you frustration. Numerous cases have happened where merchants have sold their home and were astounded they couldn’t fit the bill for a home loan to purchase the home they needed.

Other costs that come with selling your home:


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While many see a piece of Art as an ordinary drawing, painting or crafts work, others see it as a beautiful masterpiece that represents something. They are heirlooms to many, and this is to show that the relevance of Art cannot be overemphasized. It is okay to be interested in Artworks at any time of your life, but how do you go about getting an authentic piece alongside a convenient payment and shipping plan? This is why this article on how to buy Art online is so important, and there are new things to be learned as you read further.

For instance, you need to get a piece of Art or more from the United States, it is expected that you must have checked the art posters the US online before you made up your mind. Therefore, as a beginner, what do you have to do?  Read more on US-ReviewsRead More

Developing human capital in Indonesia with Sukanto Tanoto’s Foundation

Image result for Developing human capital in Indonesia with Sukanto Tanoto Foundation

In 2018, the World Bank ranked Indonesia at 87 out of 157 countries in the Human Capital Index (HCI). That gives Indonesia an HCI value of 0.53, which is below that of neighboring countries, such as Singapore (0.88), Malaysia (0.62), Vietnam (0.67), Thailand (0.60), and the Philippines (0.55). Hence, the Government of Indonesia is focusing on improving the nation’s HCI. 

President Joko Widodo is particularly keen on developing Indonesia’s human resources in science and technology. He states that, “Quality human resources must begin from birth. This means there should be no more stunting; and ensuring good maternal and child health is key, particularly during children’s golden ages up until they are seven or eight years old. Then we improve the quality of basic education as well as tertiary education. Not only will this help the younger generation become smarter and more efficient, but it will also create a Pancasila generation … Read More