Cheerleading Fundraisers

Fundraising activities are a common practice, especially in schools. Almost every group, club, or association needs funds so that they can pay for the expenses they may incur during the school year. In activities like these, few are more active than your school’s cheerleaders.

Cheerleading has a lot of expenses, from their uniforms to their props. They also have a lot of transportation expense since they travel from school to school with the other school teams. A lot of times, they even employ the services of a professional choreographer to do their routines. These expenses are often not shouldered by the school.

Your school’s cheerleaders will sometimes resort to fundraising to meet the financial needs of the group. A simple method they would use is to sell off their old uniforms. They can sell off the whole set, the uniforms, tops, shells, skirts, pom-poms, and socks. They can also sell such common fundraising items like cookies, cheesecakes, magazines, brownies, lemonade, and the like.

There are no limitations as to what kind of activity they could do to raise money. They can probably do cheer dedications for a small fee for their fellow classmates. They can start a newspaper and bottle drive or have a bake-off in the school. They can wash cars as a team, clean houses, or run errands for other people as a team.

Another great idea would be to start a school carnival where there would be booths, games, and rides. You can probably ask for a deal with the operators of these activities so that you would be able to earn some money from it.

One of the most important things to consider when you are putting together a school fundraiser is to keep it fun. Since you are dealing primarily with kids, you need keep it lively and interesting. Let your youthful creativity and enthusiasm run free.

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