26 Best Small Business Ideas to Start in 2022 - Shopify Indonesia

Zero investment business ideas are designed to assist everyone who is unable or not willing to invest anything in the business. These businesses are solely built on your knowledge and talents. The overall time commitment and efforts of people who decide to commence their business without any investment play an important role to succeed in the business sector. You can focus on the following zero investment business options in our time and make a good decision to realize your business dream.   


Blogging is a good business concept and is recommended to everyone who knows several topics and gets confidence in their writing skills in such topics. If you use blogging as your option to earn, then you can enhance your skills to write blogs for many websites. You can buy a domain at the cheapest possible price and create useful and impressive articles on your website to make money from ads. You can contact the island now – online news source to get the most expected convenience to start a business without any investment.  

Video blogging 

Video blogging is also known as video logging or vlogging. Everyone who has skills to make movies of any ability they have especially cooking expertise and artwork can earn from the comfort of their place. You can make the most interesting and useful videos and share them on YouTube. You can post a link to your channel on Facebook and encourage everyone in your cherished circle to subscribe. Do not forget to sign up for Google AdSense and get payments for ads that viewers click on while watching any video in your collection. 

Affiliate marketing  

Affiliated marketing is a popular marketing in which a business pays an affiliate for every customer who comes as the efforts of an affiliate. If you join in affiliate marketing, then every sale you make in this category assists you to earn money in commission. You can become an affiliate marketer at no cost. You do not require any specific skill to become an affiliate marketer. 

Insurance agency 

Starting an insurance agency is a zero-investment business. You can do it either online or offline. You can contact a licensed insurance firm and get its agency first. You can sell its insurance plans and improve your efforts to collect premiums for the insurance company and remit the money online almost immediately.   

Online marketplace   

You may have the skills to make handicrafts, snacks, sweets, pickles, or other small items at home. You can start a reliable online marketplace and sell your wares. However, you must advertise your online marketplace to your kith and kin, and residents on different social networking websites. This approach assists you in steadily building your business. The investment to get the raw materials to make such products is essentially non-existent. You can visit the trustworthy platform on the island now – online news source and enhance your approach to learning from the online marketplace business.    


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