Scaling up your business: how technology can help

Running a Small Business is no walk through the park. You need to lead, manage and take all the risk on your own. You need to have skin in the game, be at peak performance and surf the obstacles with a smile on your face.

To put it differently, it is one arduous and painful task reserved for those who put their hearts into their work.

Aleph Website reveals the secrets of web technology and content marketing tips and tricks that will help you as a small business owner scale up, expand and conquer your niche!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically understanding how people search on the internet and helping them find what they are looking for.

Think of it this way, you’re on your bike, and you need to find a song that is going in your head and you can’t remember the name – that is how every Internet Searcher behaves like!

You must be busy with your work, focused on the solution. However, you need to look at the problem from the perspective of your Online Customer. People search for solutions online, most likely, in ways you wouldn’t predict. 

Using tools like SEM Rush, Ahrefs, and helps you understand what people look for online, in relation to products your small business is delivering to the market.

In doing so, you’re able to optimize your pages to reflect the actual search and bridge supply and demand within a few weeks.

This is the power of understanding Search Engines as Web Technology that helps Small Business Grow.

Additionally, you need to get the following free tools:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Minion
  • Schema Markup Generator
  • SEO Yoast

These will be very helpful to you to get the job done properly.

Content Marketing

Being Specialized in a particular Niche makes you an expert, an authority people refer to when they need information or directions.

This is your chance to post solutions online. Don’t hide solutions from public thinking that you’re competition will copy you and win over you… That is weak thinking!

Be brave, be transparent, and before you know it your website will outrank all the competition and you will become #1 in your Niche. The Voice of Authority that people trust and go to whenever they’re confused.

Context Marketing

This one is a bit complex. It is about using Contextual Cues to prompt the Focal Object and generate a certain behavior in your users.

We do recommend reading the full article by Aleph Website here: Context Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

In a nutshell, there are 3 ways to do context marketing:

  • Framing (e.g. forming sentences that persuade the user)
  • Anchoring (e.g. lower expectations for higher satisfaction of the user)
  • Priming  (e.g. pre-survey to condition the thinking of the user)
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