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Student travel insurance is a protection for those travelling abroad for educational reasons. With sky-high prices and costly medical care overseas, travel insurance for students studying abroad has special features to protect you from incurring extravagant charges when alone in a new place. Most of these plans include policy extension and auto-renewal options to make life easier for the insured student. Hence, along with higher education, insurance for travel abroad will protect you from the financial risks associated with unforeseen and unlucky events.

Why Do I Need an Insurance Coverage for Student Travel?

If you study outside of India and live independently, something could go wrong, and you would need help or a backup to deal with the problem. For instance, a misfortune that necessitates emergency hospitalisation might wreak havoc on your finances, as medical costs are three to four times greater abroad.

Student travel insurance covers all these contingencies and protects you from paying for them out of pocket. In addition to this, student travel insurance helps cover the following non-medical expenses:

  • Terrible occurrences such as lost checked bags, etc.
  • Fees for bail and tuition
  • Delay in takeoff or flight cancellation
  • Passport was lost
  • Compassionate visit
  • Bail bond insurance 

Those studying abroad should purchase the finest student travel insurance policy to avoid a financial disaster in the event of an emergency.

Principal Characteristics of Student Travel Insurance

Several characteristics distinguish international student travel insurance from other types of travel insurance. See some of the most popular aspects of international student travel insurance offered by Indian insurance companies:

  • International Coverage

International student travel insurance will safeguard you regardless of where in the globe you want to study.

  • Travel Assistance

Your insurer will assist you with various problems if something goes wrong while studying abroad, according to the policy’s terms. Keep the travellers’ insurance app handy to use in case of emergency.

  • Accident and illness coverage

No one desires to become ill, much less while travelling far from home. It is typically inconvenient, overwhelming, and costly. An insurance for travel abroad policy will safeguard you against high medical expenses while studying abroad. The student travel insurance coverage will cover all expenses in the event of an accident or a medical evacuation. *

  • Policy Cancellation Refund

If your university or college overseas does not accept the student travel insurance policy you purchased in India, you can easily cancel it. All online travel insurance providers offer a cancellation option for students. *

  • Loss or Delay of Baggage

Your international student travel insurance will cover the cost of necessary amenities in the event of theft or loss of baggage.

  • Personal Accountability

When travelling overseas, becoming unknowingly accountable to a third party is relatively rare. If an accident causes damage to the property or person of another, your coverage will cover the resulting expenses.

  • Auto-Renewal

Imagine that your student health insurance lapses at the end of the semester. In this instance, most insurance providers include an auto-renewal option that can be utilised to renew your coverage for the next semester.

  • Caring Visits

If hospitalised for more than seven days, your insurance will cover your close family member’s travel and lodging expenses so they may be with you.

  • Simple Expansions

In case of test delays, you can easily extend your student health insurance coverage on a traveller’s insurance app to cover your time abroad. Moreover, you can utilise the auto-renewal tool to renew automatically.

  • Protect Against Study Interruptions

You will be reimbursed for your tuition if you are hospitalised for one month or more due to illness, injury, or medical repatriation. The same is true if your sponsor ceases to exist or an immediate family member forces you to quit your studies.

*Standard T&C Apply

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘

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