How rain, wind, heat and other heavy weather can affect your internet  connection


The worst part about owning and using technology is when it suddenly stops working at the most crucial time. When you have to cancel all your plans because there is a storm rolling outside, you may want to play an online game or stream a movie or TV show but the internet connection is bogged down because of the poor weather conditions outside.

You wonder what exactly is causing this decelerated internet speed which is stopping you from using the internet smoothly. Is the snow freezing your system’s circuits? Could the mist be clogging up cyberspace? Multiple questions pop into your head as you wait for the internet connection to come back up.

If you are someone who has previously questioned whether the poor weather can negatively affect your internet connection, read on to find out that the trouble may be less weather-related than you think.


Why Does The Internet Slow Down Because Of Poor Weather?

Circumstantially, it may seem like slow internet connection and poor weather are a cause-and-effect pair. According to a tech giant, rainfall can impact the signal strength of a Wi-Fi connection. Although it is important to note that the reduction of the signal can be caused by distance from the router. In simple words, bad weather and slow internet are related. Find out the reason why internet slowdowns happen below:


  • High-Internet Traffic

Besides the weather, a poor internet connection during a bad weather day may be caused by high internet traffic. When the weather is bad, most people stuck at home are looking for ways to kill time so they go online to entertain themselves by streaming, gaming, and surfing through the web.


  • The Temperature Has Very Little Effect On The Internet Speed

Fiber optic and copper wire aren’t susceptible to the cold, although it is important to note that extremely low temperatures can lead to ground haul, which tears and damages the underground wires. On the other hand, in the summer, high temperatures can lead to the equipment overheating, and overheated Wi-Fi equipment may operate a bit slower than usual.


  • Heavy Storms Can Damage The Internet Infrastructure

Stronger weather conditions like heavy snowfall, high winds, or other heavy storms can significantly damage the internet infrastructure. Debris can knock satellite dishes, floodwaters can seep into electrical systems, and trees can fall onto power lines.

Nevertheless, if your internet slows down after a storm, you’ll most likely know why immediately.


What To Do When The Weather Hinders Internet Speed?

If you think your internet is not working properly, relax and don’t go into panic mode! We have mentioned below a few things you can do to get your internet up and running again.


  • Move closer to the router. More often than not the distance from the router can lead to a slow internet connection. Just decreasing that distance between your router and your device can significantly help fix a bad internet connection.


  • Try restarting your internet equipment (the router or/and the modem). Just unplug the device and wait about 30 seconds or a minute before plugging it back in.


  • Keep tabs on what other devices are connected to the internet. If a few extra devices are connected that are not being used by anyone, disconnect them as the issue may be caused by the extra devices connected to the internet.


Wrapping Up

The internet is a basic necessity for everyone these days so any hindrance in the connection can be problematic for anyone. When it comes to Wi-Fi internet, the connection comes from the router set up in your house, an office, or some other indoor location. Therefore a Wi-Fi connection is relatively safe from all sorts of storms and weather conditions as it is placed indoors. Whilst, a cable or fiber optic internet, can be affected by harsh weather conditions as the infrastructure could be damaged.

At the end of the day, all your internet issues can be resolved by reaching out to the customer service of the provider. If in case you have an internet connection from Spectrum, you can reach out to a customer service representative via Spectrum Customer Service Chat if you have any queries.