Human Resource Employee Risk Profile

Is your business at risk? Do you want peace of mind?

Please answer the following question honestly by drawing a circle around or shading in the column. If you can only answer part of the question in the affirmative, then you should select ‘No’ eg in Q1 if you have employment contracts for your employees and not for your management team then select ‘No’.

1. I have up to date employment contracts for all employees and management Yes No

2. I induct all employees into the workplace using a documented process Yes No

3. I have fully documented human resources procedures and policies in place Yes No

4. These policies and procedures are available to all employees and are regularly referred to, used and maintained Yes No

5. I conduct a semi-annual performance management process with all employees Yes No

6. I have documented grievance, discrimination, workplace bullying & sexual harassment policies in place Yes No

7. I have a written termination procedure and policy in place Yes No

8. My employees have been trained and understand that we do not accept discrimination, workplace bullying & sexual harassment Yes No

9. Minor workplace issues are not taking to much of my time Yes No

10. We have low employee turnover compared to our industry average Yes No

11. I provide my employees with regular constructive feedback and reward them where appropriate Yes No


11 from 11 well done

10 from 11 well done, almost there

9 from 11 very good and tie up loose ends

8 from 11 good and you must tighten up these loose ends

7 from 10 you have a high risk profile, take action

6 or less from 11 remedial action urgently required to ‘protect’ your business

Your peace of mind is up to you – your choice my choice.


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