The market today has both good and bad construction recruitment companies. This content is an attempt to make the readers understand what the difference between the two is. Presently, the construction industry is witnessing its golden era; therefore, more and more people are trying to be a part of it. In order to get into the field, candidates are opting for recruitment agencies, especially those that are particularly catering to the construction sector. Unfortunately, not all the staffing agencies are worth trusting, like the one that reached my friend. There are a few reliable construction staffing agencies in the arena, but as stated a few.

It has now become really important to spot a bad construction recruitment agency, as the number of these fraud organizations is increasing at a rapid rate. Here are a few indicators that if taken into consideration can save you from a false staffing agency.

  1. The hidden cost

In case the agency asks you to pay for their services, you better maintain a distance. The staffing agencies are paid by the construction companies. As, the construction companies hire the recruitment agencies for their services; thus, the employers are the one to bear their charges and not you.

  1. The partially informed consultant

The consultants are among the best people to inform you about the job and company profile. So, if your consultant is not well aware about the company profile or if he fails to explain the job description, there is no point of connecting with him. They are paid for giving you complete information, and if they are not well-versed at it, you better don’t trust them.

  1. Encouraging false claims

There are many agencies that say, ‘it’s completely fine to put a few false statements here and there in your resume and interview.’ Trust me, it’s really not fine; rather, it is unethical. Being liberal to truth simply means to lie. The staffing firm that encourages it is indulging itself and you into an unethical act. Beware.

  1. Overconfidence

You must have heard the saying that overdose of anything and everything is bad, and the level of confidence is no different. An honest consultant will be confident, and he will not be ridding for a fall. He will not promise you that his connections will help you get the job, he will rather tell you that only your skills can get your through. Certainly, no one except the company itself can assure you job.

  1. Too Many Questions? Too Bad

Is the consultant more interested in gathering all your information, then actually briefing you on the job profile? An overview of your personal and professional background is more than enough for a recruitment agency. If they keep on digging, you should know where to put a stop.

Last Note: Everyone is not the same, everyone is not bad

As mentioned earlier, there are reliable construction staffing agencies around, so don’t just give up hope. Just keep your eyes and ears open while you deal with one.

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