Having the right office chair casters on your furniture can make your life at the office so much easier. They will guarantee that you don’t get bogged down in carpet or slide unnecessarily across slick floors.

A comfortable chair may be important, but so is the right wheel. You should periodically check your wheels to make sure they are in working condition. As they age, they tend to crack and the wheels themselves do not move as freely. If they start to catch or are not rolling easily it is best to not take chances. One caught wheel can send you flying out of your chair.

There is really only one key to finding the best wheels for your seat. You have to match the wheel to the type of flooring that you have. For instance, carpeted floors work best with twin roller wheels. These do not catch on the carpet fibers and glide more easily. Since the weight of the wheel is spread out it does not cause nearly as much friction.

If, on the other hand, you have smooth flooring like tile or hardwoods then you will need to go with a polyurethane or rubber based wheel. These grip better on the slick surfaces, but at the same time do not leave marks. That is why twin rollers would not work on smooth floors because they do leave marks since they cannot gain traction. Also, the harder rollers can actually remove the finish off of tile.

Sometimes it is necessary to remain in one position in a small work space. This may be due to a limited area that might have to be shared by multiple people. There just may not be enough room to roll around. In this instance it would be best to go with locking wheels. This will keep everyone out of the way of your co workers.

The best thing to remember about office chair casters is that having them on your seats will make things around the work place go smoother, which means more productivity, which is better for you.

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