The 2021 Para-surfing Championship brought hundreds of people including staff, volunteers, competitors, and spectators for the first time in Pismo Beach. Local businesses benefited from the week-long event.

The host this year is Amp Surf and the founder, Dana Cummings, said it has created opportunities for businesses every day.

“A lot of people coming into town, coming to support local businesses. so every day when this event is done all these athletes, coaches, trainers, family members they’re going out to town and they’re getting their dinners at Cool Cats, Splash Café,” said Cummings.

With COVID-19 still looming around, the 2021 Para-surfing Championship brought in more tourism and foot traffic to local businesses.

“I think it’s been a good impact. With COVID still around helps keep business afloat and helps keep people buying stuff and helps keep them interested in the businesses down here,” said Jacob San Diego, a retail associate.

Another business seeing the economic impact is Sheldon’s Clam that sits right on the pier where most people have gathered every day to watch the surfing competition.

“We definitely have seen much improvement on foot traffic, and a lot of people coming out to the even if they don’t buy things, there has definitely been more people out and about,” said William Henson Schaefer, who works at Sheldon’s Clam.

Event organizers teamed up with local businesses by offering discounts to different event personal through the use of wristbands. People involved directly with the event could then go to participating locations and receive discounts on their purchases.

“This is good because it’s infusing a lot of financial support into the town in what would normally be the slowest weeks of the season,” said Cummings.

Cummings says the event went really well and Amp Surf is currently already working on bringing back this competition to Pismo Beach next year.