During the height of the real estate bubble, you could not pick up the newspaper without reading about some huge real estate development project; perhaps a new housing tract, golf course, shopping center, government building, or business park. Of course, after the real estate crash all we’ve seen is such projects going bankrupt, and very few new projects being slated. The few that we do hear about are very small and often, government projects, hospitals, or basic infrastructure.

In the commercial construction industry there are trade journals, websites and lots of news, most of it obviously is not very good, due to the economy, lack of funding, and over regulation, as construction companies wait for the economy to recover and the recession to end. Still, positive articles are needed to be written, and we need more positive commercial construction news articles online. Something we haven’t seen in a while.

When writing on construction topics for the general public there are a few recommendations I’d like to make because things are changing in the sector. The public likes to hear about green buildings, alternative energy projects, and the number of people who will be employed once the project starts. If you will consider this when writing articles on this topic, you might just find that there are local magazines, and newspapers that are willing to pay you for freelance articles.

Still, besides all that you will be doing a good service for the economic development of your region, and nearby cities. Commercial development means growth, it means jobs, and it means a return to the way things were before the recession. That is something people would like to hear and I hope you will write about it. Please consider all this.

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