How the Biggest Challenges Can Be the Greatest Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

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As head of small business growth philanthropy at Wells Fargo, Jenny Flores is a champion of women-owned businesses in the US. She talked to Entrepreneur about future business opportunities for entrepreneurs, and two recent programs she’s launched in the support of women-owned businesses.

Jenny Flores

What are the biggest opportunities you see for small businesses?

Often the biggest opportunities for small businesses are also the greatest challenges. Take the labor shortage right now. Businesses that can offer innovative staffing solutions, help implement digital strategies and help manage customer relationships have a wide-open playing field right now. Entrepreneurs are really good at seeing gaps and creating solutions. Taking this moment in time to clarify your value proposition and pressure test with your customers if it needs to adapt or change is also a big opportunity for small businesses during this economic downturn.


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An inside look at the agents and managers competing to sign TikTok’s biggest stars

Charli D'Amelio.
Charli D’Amelio.

Thomas Petrou/UTA

  • TikTok is still a relative newcomer to the social-media world, but it’s quickly grown into one of the most popular video apps among creators.

  • As its stars have built massive followings, talent managers and agents from both upstart companies and legacy Hollywood talent firms are racing to sign the next generation of digital stars.

  • Business Insider looked into how different talent firms are approaching the app, and built an exclusive interactive database with 95 of the top managers and agents nabbing these creators. 

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As TikTok stars build large and loyal followings on the short-form video app, a slew of talent managers and agents from both upstart companies and legacy Hollywood talent firms are racing to sign them as clients.

The opportunity is clear for industry insiders. 

TikTok trends are spilling over onto Instagram, YouTube, and TV shows

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