A Business Case For Building Your Personal Brand

Most CFO’s spent the past year building flexible business models and functional agility. The new year brings a heightened focus on operational agility and accelerating growth with, among other things, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital platforms. AI and digitization are powerful tools that drive efficiency. They also make employees nervous about the security of their roles. As CFO, you’ll be at the forefront of making technology or cost-cutting decisions, or both, and communicating those decisions to your teams and your company’s investors. To make these conversations constructive, a high level of professional credibility and personal trust needs to exist. This speaks to the need for a well defined and easily communicated professional brand. With attention to a few details, this is an accomplishable task. At the very least, understanding your brand will make you more marketable when pitching a new job.

Skills vs. Perception

According to a

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