Women business owners embrace pandemic, find opportunities for growth | Current Edition

Like a lot of small business owners, the pandemic hit hard for Stacey Hart. In her case, this meant basically dismantling the direct sales kitchen tool business that the 50-year-old Gillette woman had spent nearly 25 years working to create.

Last April, however, as COVID-19 shut down in-person gatherings and ushered in a variety of new public health restrictions impacting the way she typically did business, Hart suddenly found herself at an impasse as her business ground to a halt.

Her option at this point was to establish a presence online, which up until now, she’d been resistant to try, given her limited computer skills. Now, however, she had little choice but to try, and it turned out that treading into unknown upended her life in ways she could have never imagined.

It was around this same time that Hart’s friend called her with a renewed offer, inviting her friend

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Profession The Importance Of Current Affairs In IBPS Exams

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