how to get entrepreneurial in lockdown

This is a four-part series on what people are doing to boost their income during lockdown, from setting up a side business to learning Japanese

One in five Britons are planning to start a new business while in lockdown, new research has shown. 

Although they may feel unsettling, times of financial adversity are often a boom period for innovation and entrepreneurship. Tech titans Uber, Whatsapp (now part of Facebook) and Airbnb were all founded during the last recession. 

Aside from being a creative outlet, setting up a sideline business can also help to boost your income. While a fifth of the population is planning on setting up a business, among those whose job has been affected by coronavirus that rises to one in three, according to GoDaddy, a website for entrepreneurs.

Tristan Dell, 25, is planning on doing exactly that. He has used his time in lockdown to set

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