Cybersecurity Business Opportunities In The Marina Industry With IMO 2021

Stefan Leipold CEO of STARK and, international Cyber-Security speaker since 2003.

Starting January 2021, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires vessels to be cybersecurity compliant in international waters and everywhere they go in the world. Flag states will ultimately be in charge of putting in place regulations for their country or flag state and will be enforcing those regulations on their inspections of the vessels. This opens up new business opportunities globally for cybersecurity companies to cooperate with known providers in the marine industry and provide their combined services to existing clients and new customers by adding a cybersecurity plan to the existing International Safety Management (ISM) plan, a regulation that applies to every vessel that has a current, active and approved ISM through their flag state.

Most vessel manufacturers build vessels such as tankers or luxury yachts based on client demands, and from my observations, most

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