4 Tips To Seamlessly Expand Your Business Services

The greatest enemy of growth is not decline: it’s stagnation. A business that does not find new ways to earn revenue opens itself to increased competition in its primary niche with no opportunities to make up the difference. Extending business services allows companies to diversify their income while increasing their flexibility.

As 2020 showed, inflexible businesses struggle when the unexpected happens. No one could have predicted the specifics of the disasters from last year, but the principle of disruption is not unique to the pandemic. New competitors, political unrest, industry changes, and evolving consumer expectations can all force businesses to reimagine how they deliver their services.

With more uncertainty on the horizon, businesses should not seek a return to pre-COVID norms. Some industries may resemble their past selves, but in most cases, the pace of change will continue, not slow down. New technologies and new demands will force

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11 tips for finding a job when you’re over 50, from an ‘ageism’ expert

Hey boomers, it’s not your imagination. Finding a job in today’s COVID economy is harder than ever, especially for “older Americans,” i.e. workers 55 and older.

Let’s start with the grim statistics (just to get them over with).

According to the “Older Workers Report” released Aug. 5 by the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis Retirement Equity Lab (ReLab), nearly 3 million workers ages 55 to 70 — about 7% of workers in that age group — have left the labor force since mid-March, about 50% more than the 1.9 million older workers who left the labor force after the Great Recession began in late 2007. And unless the labor situation changes posthaste, the report expects an additional million “older workers” to be out of a job before the end of the year.

The sobering prognosis? More than half of unemployed older workers are at risk of “involuntary

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