Technology Vs Human Side in the Organization

The role of HR has certainly undergone a sea change since last decade. Organizations are becoming more global, scalable and multidimensional. Although the paradigm has shifted towards the technological front, but the human touch and the human intervention would still not be an alien talk. Pragmatically the organizations are striving for more advancement in technology, automation and scalability of their business and operations.

The most important thing which we are lacking in this entire gamut of advancement in technology and automation is that we are failing to recognize the role of human intervention and the values which an employee can add to the organization. In this so called “Technical and Automation Era” are we going to completely turn away from the HUMAN aspect? Or is everything going to be so robotic and there would be maximum reliance on it? Is this one of the most striking question which is popularly prevalent in our mind? If Yes, then surely, we are still left with some human psyche, before the technology really rules over us.

This is where my dear HR folks you play a strong or rather a pivotal role in re-establishing the human side within and outside the organization. We are living in a robust “Technical” and “Virtual” world, where the global boundaries have certainly faded and communication and networking has become very advanced and even though, the organizations are not able to retain the employees. Many organizations have come up with brilliant employee retention concepts like flexi-timings, work from home, work-life balance, career advancement courses and so on. But they have still failed to give the human touch to their employees.

Now what human touch or the human side really mean? Your employees may have certainly appreciated You for your efforts in creating a growth driven work culture. But the story doesn’t end here!! Neither it means that the organization has completely failed in understanding the human side of the employees. But now the time has come where the leaders of the organizations need to realign their focus on the well-being of the employees, being a mentor, creating a supportive working culture, giving enough space and learning and development opportunities, focusing on creating short-term or mid-term goals and finely fragmenting these goals at every level so that every employee in the organization feels the sense of belonging-ness in the organization. Simply focusing on sustaining organizational ethics would certainly not help in long run. Many organizations strictly adhere to their organizational ethics as set of doctrines, which certainly are creating strong rigidity in the performance of the employees and in longer sustainability.

Organizations needs to be more agile particularly in framing their HR policies. It also doesn’t mean that you must leave your employees to take their own decisions, but there must be a strong collaboration and mutual trust between the management and the employees. Harnessing and promulgating strong mutual trust and respect between the management and the employees would create a livelier, causative and culturally strong working environment.

Organizations should focus on technological advancement and scalability of their business and business expansion, but not at the cost of relegating the human resource (as in the employees) of the organization.

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