You can get a lot information about Linux LXLE later here. On 14th June, 2014, LXLE released it is 64-bit spin, LXLE 14.04. There isn’t a 32-bit spin but. I guess I can perceive the explanation why nowadays even light-weight working techniques want sixty four-bit OS over 32-bit. Simply test any e-commerce site for low price range laptops, you will see the market is flooded with Home windows 8 laptops beneath $500 with Intel Celeron/Pentium/Atom processors and under four GB RAM. I couldn’t set up 32-bit version in Secureboot and UEFI enabled systems. Nonetheless, 64-bit labored with elan. Presumably, these distros are concentrating on users who purchased these modern low powered systems but will soon get bored with Windows eight’s loopy desktop and change to Linux. I do know fairly just a few folks did it, even I did it myself!


LXLE has Compton as the compositing manger. The distro ships with compositing enabled and it’s a good factor for Linux rookies choosing to use a lightweight desktop. I had a tough time enabling compositing in LXDE when I began using Linux again in 2008.

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Then wasted the rest of my night tweaking Crunchbang, so that GPU acceleration works, compositing is turned off, my Thinkpad center-mouse button works, turned CapsLock into Super and Proper-Alt into Compose, added Zram and tweaked it for a single swap file, dropped the colour depth to sixteen-bit and extra. But I believe every little thing’s working now. I’ve replaced Iceweasel with Firefox & Chrome, Abiword/Gnumeric with LibreOffice 4.1 from wheezy-testing, added Pidgin and some odds and sods.

Overall, it’s a decent set of functions however it’s possible you’ll wish to install some more like a download manager (uget or multiget), a torrent client (transmission), Skype, a very good picture editor (GIMP), and so forth. to make it extra function. I will focus on on the best way to install later in the evaluation. For now I give Zorin Lite 7/10 for pre-put in packages.

My understanding is that XFCE is more like Gnome 2, and would not depend on the video drivers for rendering (fancy composting and effects), so it might assist if drivers were the problem. I exploit XFCE a lot for remote desktop as a result of the newer desktops (Unity, Cinnamon) do not work effectively (really, at all) with remote desktop instruments like NX and X2GO. So my Mint PCs have both Cinnamon for use on the machine, and XFCE for when connecting remotely. Anyways, good luck!

LXLE es una distribución GNU/Linux pensada para alargar la vida de equipos antiguos. En muchas ocasiones, los controladores de tarjetas de vídeo, audio y chipsets que llevan tiempo en el mercado se quedan sin soporte dentro del propio kernel de Linux.