BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Despite Alabama’s low vaccination rate, the state is attracting new business. But will that trend continue in the coming months?

Just this week, Governor Ivey announcing a big graphite plant is coming to Coosa County. The project is expected to bring about 100 jobs.

Business leaders in the state hoping that trend continues.

Ty West with American City Business Journals doesn’t know if the vaccine rate itself will impact business, but he feels the problems that could be caused by a low vaccination rate like a potential spike in cases in the fall could limit some of the state’s business opportunities. It could also impact how many conventions or events come to Alabama.

“If that starts to manifest itself and a higher infection rate than the rest of the country, yeah that’s probably not a good idea or patten in terms of us not necessarily recruiting business but just recruiting events and getting people here whether its tourism or convention,” West said.

We checked and there are already a number of conventions set for Alabama in the coming months including many concerts. Doctors are hoping we can keep covid at bay. They say more people need to get vaccinated for that to happen.

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