Zonbase Review (vs Jungle Scout & Helium 10) (November 2021)

Zonbase is a service for Amazon sellers that makes it much easier for people to build their Amazon business. Zonbase offers tools and services for people to use. These tools and services provide important data that is vital for running a successful business on Amazon. 

In addition to the tools that you get with the base service, you can also opt for the Zonbase PRO service, which offers additional services that you can use for your Amazon business. 

These services are beneficial for both new and established sellers on Amazon, and they make your life much easier. By using these services, you can ensure that you only give the time and attention to the areas of your Amazon business that really need it. 

Let’s take a look at all the important features that Zonbase PRO offers and determine what benefits this software provides for both new and established sellers on Amazon. Feel free to follow this Zonbase blog for more content. 

Key Features of Zonbase PRO

The Zonbase PRO package is great for Amazon sellers who are looking to get an edge over their 


Besides the unrestricted access to the Zonbase software, the PRO package also gives you 1 hot product recommendation, 1 per year done-for-you product listings that are fully optimized, and 1 

done-for-you PPC product launches to page one per year. 

In addition to that, you get access to a Facebook group of other Zonbase users, which allows you to exchange information and learn tips and tricks from each other.

Being able to avail of all these services under the roof of a single package is incredibly valuable, and outsourcing the time-consuming work to experts lets you focus on other aspects of your online business. 

Benefits of Zonbase PRO for new sellers

As a new Amazon seller, it can be quite difficult to get started. All the different tools and services can easily get mixed up, resulting in you not being able to smoothly run your Amazon business. 

With the guidance of experts that you get with the Zonbase PRO package, you can avoid making mistakes that new sellers frequently end up making. You get a blueprint of sorts that guides you on how to properly set up your Amazon store.

You get the opportunity to get on a call with an Amazon expert twice a week. Here you can ask any questions that you may have regarding Amazon and get expert guidance. 

Benefits of Zonbase PRO for existing sellers

So you are already a seller on Amazon are wondering if the Zonbase PRO package has some benefits for you as well. As an established seller, you will most likely be focused on improving your product ranking on Amazon’s algorithm. 

In that case, the Zonbase Pro package and prove to be really useful for you as well, as it allows you to improve your product listings and gets you in touch with a community of Amazon sellers who are eager to share their experiences with you.