Future Returns: The Investment Opportunity of Latino-Owned Businesses

Latinos are a fast-growing, young segment of the U.S. population that’s also highly entrepreneurial, yet businesses that Latinos start often struggle to get the financing they need to grow and succeed. 

These businesses are among the “most overlooked opportunities for investors,” the Boston-based Bain & Co. wrote in a report released earlier this month. 

According to the report, in the decade from 2007 to 2017, 50% of net new businesses in the U.S. were started by Latinos. And many of these businesses outperform their white-owned peers until they reach about US$1 million in revenue. 

That’s because many of them fund their growth by loading up on high-cost debt, or mortgaging their homes, “all the things that are a problem when you’re scaling” a business, says Hernan
a partner at Bain and co-author of the report.

Young businesses would be better off financing their initial growth with low-cost loans from

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Push aims at business opportunity for minority members, women

Business and community leaders are forming a public-private initiative with the City of Little Rock to bolster internal diversity, equity and inclusion efforts across the city.

Mayor Frank Scott Jr. announced the program Wednesday and called on leadership across the community to dedicate more effort to create opportunities for minorities.

The program, called OpportUNITY, intends to expand access to business opportunities and increase competitiveness in Little Rock by supporting minority and women-owned businesses. Executives from the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock joined the mayor in the announcement.

The unity initiative also was crafted to help bolster recruitment networks and enhance retention and development of a diverse workforce.

Dionne Jackson was appointed Little Rock’s chief equity officer six months ago and is spearheading the city’s effort.

“I cannot emphasize enough the significance of our businesses leading the way by participating in this

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Bloomington offering businesses opportunity to man Grossinger Motors Arena concessions, city manager says staff still scouting for shows

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The city of Bloomington is offering local businesses an opportunity at the city’s Grossinger Motors Arena.

City staff are calling on interested businesses to man concessions stands within the arena for the two events scheduled to take place at the arena next month. In partnership with the city, a business would be responsible for 100% of food, beverage and staffing of the stand.

City Clerk Leslie Yocum said it’s a unique way to allow businesses to recoup some income after the pandemic forced many into temporary closures as well as a means of advertising. Yocum said they’re still working out how much income a partnering business would receive from working the events.

“We haven’t exactly fine-tuned what that arrangement will look like. I think honestly we need to see that there’s an interest in the community from these businesses, but we’re completely open to a share

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Small businesses in Seattle have an opportunity to apply for $10,000 relief grants through Comcast RISE

Independent small businesses in Washington are the backbone of our communities, and today, more than ever, they need our help. The ongoing impact of the pandemic has created an incredible need for additional support to keep these small businesses open and thriving. This is especially important for those owned by persons of color.

Nationally, the number of active business owners in the United States fell by 22 percent last year. Locally, according to one recent study, Seattle experienced the second largest decline in offline local commerce spending in the country. But a demographic breakdown paints an even bleaker picture.

The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates the number of working Black business owners plummeted over 40% in 2020. Other minority business owners experienced similar worse-than-average losses, including immigrants (a 36 percent drop). Latinx-owned businesses declined by 32%, and Asian-owned businesses dropped by 25%.

Comcast RISE was created to invest

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