Tampa Bay businesses plan on more work-from-home opportunities post-pandemic, study finds

TAMPA, Fla. — Many Tampa Bay area employers plan to allow at least some work-from-home opportunities post-pandemic, a new regional survey from the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority found.

The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) works to advance regional transportation needs in Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas counties. The organization’s purpose is to plan, develop, fund, implement, and operate a regional transit system in this area.

The Envision 2030 Transit & Telework Survey, created and administered by TBARTA, was open from January 11, 2021, through March 31, 2021. It received 549 responses with sampling across five counties. A mixture of managers, business owners, and employees around Tampa Bay answered questions about their teleworking experience, transit experience during the pandemic, and TBARTA’s role in future regional transit.

TBARTA asked businesses how many employees teleworked at least once a week prior to the pandemic. Nearly 60% of

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Why Minority-Owned Businesses Should Consider Government Contracting Opportunities Sooner Rather Than Later

A look into the opportunities available for minority-owned businesses to engage with state and local governments.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There has never been a better time in recent history for minority-owned businesses to seek government contracting opportunities than now. To put this into its proper context, we must first understand that federal, state and local governments have laws and provisions in place that requires agencies and departments to allocate a portion of their budgets to minority-owned businesses.

But what defines a minority-owned ? According to the Small Business Administration, a minority-owned business is classified as a business that is owned by individuals that are a part of a “disadvantaged community”.

Laws and provisions to provide better access to opportunities for minority-owned businesses

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Program touts franchise opportunities for minorities, women

Yum Brands has partnered with the University of Louisville to launch a business program that will focus on franchise opportunities for underrepresented minorities and women, officials announced Wednesday.

The Yum Center for Global Franchise Excellence will create the first business program of its kind at a public university, a joint statement from the company and the school said. It will provide online education to current and potential franchisees and will focus on recruiting underrepresented people to explore franchising as a way to entrepreneurship, the statement said.

The center is part of an initiative by Yum Brands to spend $100 million over five years to promote inclusion, education and entrepreneurship for employees and communities around the world.

“We believe that combining the resources and expertise of the University of Louisville with Yum Brands will create an unrivaled resource for world-class training in franchising that will help people everywhere, particularly

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5 Confrontational Business Situations That Are Opportunities for Choice

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Whether you’re just starting on a career path or have climbed to the top rung of the ladder, there are some things in business that will always result in regrettable endings if not tackled head-on. In my personal management style, the solutions I look for in challenges initially derive from integral humane intentions. However, sometimes the best intentions won’t cut it, and difficult decisions have to be made. I’m no stranger to these tough choices and have learned not to hesitate in making them as I rose to the C-Suite and attained Industry authority and thought leadership within-and-for multi-million dollar institutions.

These five important assessments may seem harrowing at first, but on closer examination, they’re largely openings for success:

1) Setting boundaries

It’s important that at the start of your organizational life that you spell out

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