Your Monthly Work Horoscope for March 2022

Your Monthly Work Horoscope for March 2022. Discover your Monthly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Welcome to a brand-new month of surprises, Aries! If you’re looking for a new job or business opportunity, the time for your courageous sign to strike is when Venus and Mars align on March 5. Taking offers that that seem unconventional could be the best way to direct your energy. You should definitely remain cautious and keep moving!

Trusting your instincts is the name of the game. If there’s a sign ready to move off the beaten path, it is most definitely you! Now is the time to make major decisions and let them take you up to a whole other level on your career path.

Your solar return begins on March 20, and Mercury, now direct, moves into your sign a week later. This brings you back to center, making it

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DC business owners hard at work for Small Business Saturday

As the nation celebrates Small Business Saturday, D.C. business owners say, for them, the day is a chance for people to support businesses in the community, and not the usual big box stores.

As the nation celebrates Small Business Saturday, D.C. business owners say, for them, the day is a chance for people to support businesses in the community, and not the usual big box stores.

Amaya Smith, co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-op in Dupont circle, says she’s happy that Small Business Saturday has become a staple of the holidays.

“Everybody thinks of Black Friday and the big box stores, but small businesses really power our economy and it’s great for small business to have a piece of this huge retail opportunity that takes place after Thanksgiving,” she said. “It’s been a critical part of our business success, and I think it’s important in general.”

As someone who has

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We have to work together to move forward

Oct. 15—During his address Thursday morning at the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce Rooster Booster breakfast, Aaron Thompson, president for the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, said that the key to a strong workforce is having a strong educational system from preschool through whatever postsecondary option a student chooses.

Thompson said developing an educational foundation that produces productive citizens and competent employees is a community effort. It should involve support from all educational levels and should include business leaders in the discussion.

“It’s not about pointing fingers,” he said. “It’s about joining you, to help you do what you do.”

He said businesses and employers need to be brought in early on to figure out what they need out of a workforce so that educational institutions can help cater to that.

The partnership among area businesses and Owensboro Community & Technical College — which sponsored the Rooster Booster breakfast —

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NM hotel business struggles to hire workers, blames ‘back to work’ incentives

“It makes us curtail hours of operation for our food operations, we have to curtail our banquet operations, and simple things,” Perez said. “Even the amount of rooms we can serve on a weekend because we don’t have enough housekeepers or servers to service those rooms. So it’s really impacted the business to a huge degree.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Mexico’s unemployment rate was nearly 8% in June, tying with Connecticut for the worst unemployment rate in the country.

The New Mexico Business Coalition believes the extra unemployment benefits from the federal government is to blame.

“Many employees are happy to be home and happy to get paid to be there,” said Carla Sonntag, president and founder of the New Mexico Business Coalition.

The state is offering a back-to-work bonus, but Perez said New Mexicans aren’t really jumping at that opportunity.

“We’ve seen people

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