Pool And Billiards Ethics

Playing a pool match with your buddies sounds like a fun plan during the weekend. After all, it is a guys’ night out. But due to this reason too, you have to take cautions to avoid an argument over the table at the pool hall.

Here are some rules and common agreements when playing pool.

Agreeing to the rules

Everyone should make it clear about the game rules. This can be 9-ball, 10-ball or an 8-ball game. Maybe you declare a special rule making the game different. At the same time, you should also make sure your opponent knows this too.


At any point of the game, if you are not sure about an issue, simply ask the referee, your opponent or surrounding people who are watching. This simply point can prevent an argument caused by simple misunderstandings.

No beverage

If you are thirsty, make it a habit to retreat to a nearby table instead. Don’t make it a habit to put any types of drinks on the pool table. You should know that the pool cloth is not cheap too.

Don’t distract your opponent

This is rather not a gentleman style. Focus and attention are 2 very important components in the game. They are required to win. When you distract your opponent, it is rather unethical in doing so.

Respect the cue and balls

Don’t abuse them in any other ways. The cue is for delivering strokes to the cue ball and you should hit the right balls. Again, respect for the other player is key here.

Be sociable

This is especially true when playing against strangers at the pool hall. Be polite and talk in a friendly manner and you will certainly enjoy a good game of billiards on a weekend.

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