As the name suggests, a Dedicated Server is dedicated to a single person or organisation looking for hosting services or servers to host websites or other resource-intensive applications. 

However, even if you invest in reliable and the best hosting provider to buy the hosting services still, you will have to face their pros and cons, and Dedicated Servers are no exception. 

So, in this article, let’s look in depth at the various benefits of a Dedicated Server and its drawbacks.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting 

  1. Able to Handle a Large Volume of Traffic

A Dedicated Server is exclusively dedicated to hosting a single website or application. 

It means all the ample resources will be set and channelised to handle the large traffic volume effortlessly.

  1. Offers Customisation and Full Control of Your Server Environment 

A Dedicated Server gives you full control or root access to the individual and the flexibility of choosing the control panels, operating system and more. 

You can control your Dedicated Server and its resources, install the custom software, and configure it according to your unique business needs.  

  1. Offers the Exclusive Use of Hosting Resources

Unlike Shared Hosting, you don’t have to share the resources with anyone, through which there might be chances of lousy website performance. 

With the Dedicated Server, you get exclusive hosting resources such as RAM, CPU processor, bandwidth, storage space and more. 

  1. Provides the Higher Security

With the Dedicated Server, you will get complete control over your hosting environment, and you can install various security tools and software. 

Moreover, you can also take various measures and approaches to protect your server from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities. 

You can configure the firewalls, employ the intrusion and detection symptom, malware scanners and DDoS protection system and more to ensure a high level of safety. 

Drawbacks of Dedicated Hosting 

  1. Expensive Hosting Option 

Unlike the other hosting option, the Dedicated Server is solely dedicated to a single-person organisation, which makes it a bit expensive. 

Moreover, if you choose to manage a Dedicated Server, then it becomes costlier.

  1. Technical Knowledge Required

Dedicated Servers are often not easy to set up, operate, maintain and optimise without the proper technical knowledge. 

Hence, one of the drawbacks of having a Dedicated Server is that you have a high technical knowledge or hire tech experts in-house if you opt for the unmanaged one. 

  1. Requires Lot of Time and Effort for the Maintenance

Due to the high technical complexes, a Dedicated Server requires much time and effort for its maintenance. 

Even to protect it from the vulnerability, you have to constantly monitor the server, which, again, is a tedious task.

  1. Environmental Impact

Operating the Dedicated Server requires higher processes and cooling resources and tools than other hosting options such as Shared, Cloud and more. 

It directly impacts the environment and contributes to global warming.

Wrapping Up

Dedicated Hosting is one of the great options when it comes to a high level of security, control, flexibility and customisation. 

Moreover, it is one of the best hosting options to accommodate the large traffic volume and host resource-intensive websites and applications. 

But you should also know some of the limitations as it will help you to find ways to mitigate them or to make the right hosting decision according to the unique requirements and budget. 

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